58mm Receipt Paper 3x


This versatile duo is perfect for creating custom labels for your business, home, or school. The printer is easy to use and produces high-quality prints, while the sticky papers are durable and long-lasting. With this set, you can create labels for a variety of purposes, including shipping, inventory, and organization.


58mm Receipt Paper 3x

Introducing our top-quality 58mm Receipt Paper, designed to offer impeccable print clarity and durable performance. This thermal paper roll is a must-have for businesses seeking reliable, high-quality printing for their receipts, invoices, and other crucial documents.

Our 58mm Receipt Paper is crafted with precision and care, ensuring a smooth and hassle-free printing experience. With its conveniently compact size, this thermal paper roll fits perfectly into a wide range of receipt printers, making it a versatile solution for any establishment.

Designed for exceptional performance, our 58mm Receipt Paper guarantees sharp printing that remains legible over time. The high-quality thermal coating reacts seamlessly with your printer, ensuring fast and precise image transfer without the need for ink or ribbons. Say goodbye to smudged and faded receipts!


  • Width: 58mm
  • Length: Available in various lengths for your convenience
  • Paper type: Thermal
  • Compatibility: Suitable for a wide range of receipt printers
  • Durability: Resistant to tears, fading, and smudging
  • Print clarity: Crisp and clear thermal printing
  • No ink or ribbons required

Our 58mm Receipt Paper is an ideal solution for retail stores, restaurants, cafes, and any other business that relies on accurate and professional printed receipts. Enhance your business image with clear and easily readable receipts that showcase your attention to detail.

Order your pack of 58mm Receipt Paper today and experience the difference in print quality. Trust our reliable thermal paper for all your printing needs and ensure long-lasting, legible receipts that leave a lasting impression with your customers.

Sticky Label Paper 58mm

is a versatile product that helps you organize, brand, and customize your belongings with ease. Designed with convenience and quality in mind, this label paper is the perfect solution for labeling containers, files, packages, and much more.

With a width of 58mm, this label paper provides ample space for clear and legible text or vibrant graphics. The adhesive backing ensures a strong and secure bond to various surfaces, staying in place without peeling or curling. Whether you need to label items in your home, office, school, or business, this sticky label paper is up for the task.

Featuring a smooth and reliable printing surface, this label paper ensures sharp and accurate printouts every time. You can easily print on these labels using laser printers, inkjet printers, or even handwriting. The compatibility with different printing methods makes these labels versatile and accessible to all users.

Want to add a professional touch to your product packaging? The Sticky Label Paper 58mm is perfect for creating custom product labels. With the ability to display your brand logo, product information, and unique designs, these labels elevate the look of your products and help you stand out in the market.

  • High-quality adhesive backing for a secure bond
  • Smooth printing surface ensures sharp and accurate printouts
  • Compatible with laser printers, inkjet printers, and handwriting
  • Ideal for labeling containers, files, packages, and product packaging
  • Width of 58mm offers ample space for text and graphics

Save time and effort with the Sticky Label Paper 58mm. Organize your belongings, streamline your processes, and create a professional image. Whether you need labels for personal use, office organization, or product branding, this label paper is a reliable and cost-effective solution. Order your pack today and experience the convenience and versatility of Sticky Label Paper 58mm!


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